Solutions - Onnitech


We have a wide range of technological solutions for the whole financial ecosystem chain, from digital accounts, payment gateways and card issuing, through to financial processing.

Digital Account

Reach more consumers and provide greater convenience, dynamism and agility to financial services within a fully online environment. Fulfill all of your clients’ needs with transparency and safety on the website or app, without bureaucracy, anytime and anywhere.

  • Add value to the brand
  • Diversify the company’s financial portfolio
  • Retain clients
  • Monetize transactions and generate new revenue sources
  • Set up your own payment arrangement
  • P2P Transfers – Instant internal transfers between accounts.
  • Cash-in/Cash-Out – TEDs/DOCs – internal and external transfers to different Banks.
  • Payment of bills – All bills, including bank slips, taxes, fines and utilities (water, electricity etc.).
  • Online Services Integration – modular APIs that provide integration with banks and third-party systems.

Card Issuing

Our robust platform provides full autonomy for your company to process electronic payment means, issue Credit or Prepaid Cards, and develop Branded, Private Label or Hybrid Cards. It can also be integrated to several players with complementary functionalities.

  • Consolidated technology without additional proprietary licenses
  • Construction and reuse of systems components
  • Use of modern and scalable architectures (Cloud /DevOps /Microservices)
  • Modules that span the whole chain of payment means
  • Onboarding – Registration.
  • Management of cards lifecycle.
  • Embossing and DataPrep.
  • Management of virtual cards.
  • Management of blocking/cancellation of cards.
  • (Post-) Management of Invoices.
  • Collection, Fees and Annual Payments.
  • Authorizer of Transactions.
  • KPIs and Managerial Reports.
  • Management of Adjustments.
  • MDR/IRF Calculation.
  • Chargeback.
  • And much more.

Acquiring and Subacquiring Services

A complete solution for companies that provide payment facilitation and merchant acquisition services. We provide complete technology for management and capture solutions to the main market brands.

  • White-label and customizable platform
  • Scalable
  • Shorter time to market and immediate entry to the market
  • All resources needed, on one single platform
  • Optimization and reduction of development costs
  • Clients portal.
  • Support to onboarding flow.
  • Payment split.
  • Online viewing of captured transactions.
  • Collection Module (setup of rent payment rules, recurrence, management fees (type/plan)).
  • Control of prepayment of receivables.
  • Sales reconciliation and settlement.
  • Management of merchants.
  • Tokenization of cards.
  • Query on the receipts agenda.
  • Online gateway.
  • Module for physical, online and POS Mobile receipts, that is, electronic solutions for receipt of sales.
  • IRF/MDR Calculation.


Complete, integrated and agile solution for the following processes: fee configuration, billing, payment rules, accounting events, collections and facilitated transfers to partners.

  • Improved efficiency and reliability of processes
  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Scalable and integrable architecture
  • Set up of billing, fees and payment rules.
  • Generation of accounting events.
  • Management of partnerships – Facilitated transfers to partners (Split) and Registration of multiple entities.